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I know the cutie at the bar!

I don’t have the time to go out often, and sometimes when I do, I like to do so in a laid-back environment where I can take in some “scenery”.  OR at least have background “scenery”.  You know, something to look at every once in a while throughout the night-out with friends.  It’s not a prerequisite, but it’s some damn good icing on the cake.  Cake = good friends, good drinks, nice bar.  Icing = a cutie at the bar

Let me say up front that I am not the kind of girl to holla, and that is not what’s going to happen in this story.  Capice?

SOOOOOOOO, I went out recently.  I got cute and met some of my girls out.  Now, I am blushing as I write this, so I hope someone out there appreciates what I am sharing.   Anyway, got cute, met girls, in bar.  As I walk along the length of the bar to get to my homies, I am scoping the scenery.  Tall, dark and handsome to the left.  Cocoa brotha with the dimples to the right.  Then right in front of me are eyes.  The kind of eyes I associate with trouble.

Definition:  Trouble as in 1) I don’t want to look anywhere else in this room.  Trouble as in 2) “DO NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, BLUSH RIGHT NOW.”  Trouble as in 3) “DO NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, MAKE EYES AT THIS MAN, because then HE will be the one in trouble.”


SOOOOOOO, back to the eyes.  The first registration in my mind is that this is my eye candy for the night.  Second registration is “OH SH*T.”  I know the cutie at the bar!!!!!!   We are talking and I am totally embarrassed.  I am embarrasssed for no good reason to the outside world, but to the world in my mind that recalls that this guy is a secret (shhhhhhh) years-long crush of mine that I only told ONE person about until the night before when I told two of my other girlfriends because I had gotten beyond it (NOT), it’s totally warranted.  Embarrassment is further compounded when I think about the fact that I am a grown woman thanking the lights in this bar for being so low because I do not want the guy I am crushing on (so 13 yrs old, right?) to see me blushing right in his face.  HENCE, my definition #2 of trouble.  Definition #1 came to life quickly because I needed to disconnect from our conversation and act like there were other people there.

Definition #3 came after my second drink.  Why?  Because at that point, I had lost all desire to be embarrassed.  It did not go with my outfit.  And being embarrassed means being self-conscious, and that did not go with trying to have a good time.  I attribute the fact that I made eyes at him multiple times after that to just wanting to make eyes.  I mean really, how often do you get to flirt with someone you actually want to flirt with?

Now that I have made eyes with at him (or with him), I’m wondering if he thinks he is in trouble.  I don’t know what his definition of trouble is.  I have a pretty decent idea, but he may not consider things trouble in the way that I do.  *Smiles

Overall, good times with cutie at the bar.  Good, good times.

If there’s more to come, I’ll fill you in.  Maybe.  Probably not.

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