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Shame on you, collard greens!

I am realizing that this is my second post on food.  Still, I must get something off my chest.

I am the love child of the Country and the City mice!  I know I need to explain that statement:  I have tendencies that sit in the at multiple extremes.  I love science and I love fashion.  I like bumming and I like dressing up.  I like getting my hands dirty and I like getting manicures.  My favorite color is a combination of red and blue (see names of my blogs).  I hope you are getting the picture.

One of the best demonstrations of my extremes is in my culinary preferences.  My favorite foods are all over the place as far as categories and tastes.  BUT, more than a favorite food, one of my weaknesses is a good batch of collard greens.  Even in typing that sentence, I am immediately transported back to days of running in the yard of my Pop-pop’s house barefoot chasing fireflies, playing red-light-green-light, and watching the sun go down.  It is one of those foods that is the essence of who I am.

But when, at my current age, some of my friends see me salivate at the idea of a plate of collards coming my way, they are perplexed.  And I am perplexed right back at them.  What do you mean “Ew”?  Are you so classy, so fancy, so lost that you can’t get down with the collards?

And when they say “Shame on you, girl.  For eating that plate of leaves and fat and salt!”  I say “Shame on you, collard greens.  For being cooked so good with your smoked meat and seasoning to a perfect texture.  For keeping me connected to the fact that fat back can be a side dish.  For being a currency of love of my classy-broad Momma and my sweeter-than-a-caramel-candy Aunt Sadie.”


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