PhD me

Keep going

One minute of fluffy positivity…

An almost daily lesson that gets reiterated over and over again as I complete my PhD program is that of “keep going.”  Literally, every day can be tough for one reason or another:

  1. proteins crap out
  2. no crystal growth
  3. you spend days reading papers and still don’t find what you are looking for
  4. committee meeting coming up
  5. classes
  6. Midterms

I could go on and on, and if you are not working on PhD, I am sure you can make a list of your own.  AND I have not even touched life outside of school.  Consistently, however, I have realized that the way to make through is to keep going.  Time doesn’t stop, so why should you?

“Keep going”  can mean

  • back to the drawing board
  • optimizing that assay
  • reading a couple more papers
  • asking someone
  • focusing on the task at hand

I think you get the picture by now.  Just don’t give up.  There is a lot of pressure to perform in any field and, compounded with the pressures of life, it can seem overwhelming.  But you have to keep going.  Think about what has to get done and keep working toward it.  Keep going.

P.S.  “Keep going” also means keep taking care of yourself!

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