"Sigh" moment (Good)

Go with me

Selfish post.  I had an awesome lazy day and I have one moment that I have filed as a mental escape hatch.  Go with me.

Imagine the the kind of day when the sun shines gently.  The wind is quietly creeping and you feel so in tune to its movement that you can’t tell if you are breathing or if the wind is breathing for you.

From beginning to end, this day is mellow.  For no good reason, I feel on top of the world.

Days like this come few and far between, but when they come, you take them.  I took this day all the way in and exhaled it slowly after letting it completely permeate.  While days that like this one can’t be boxed up for reliving later, they can be kept in the memories of the moments that come with this day.  AND until the next opportunity comes around, you have something to work into your daydreams.

The moment:  Laying on the hood of a car.  Barefoot, I can feel the wind run over the bottoms of my toes.  I am staring at the sky through my sunglasses, watching the clouds move about.  I exhale and my body doesn’t feel still.  I can’t quite explain the feeling, then my friend says “It’s like the clouds are laying still and we are the ones moving.”  Exactly.  I am no longer heavy with thoughts, worries, and analyses.  I am not anchored, but floating freely and peacefully.  Over and again, I breathe in deeply and exhale with closed eyes.

It’s time to go back in.  Inhale and exhale, one last time.  I open my eyes as I begin to sit up and slide off the hood of the car.  I leap onto the cool grass, take one more look at the sky and walk inside.

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