"Sigh" moment (Bad) / Food / PhD me

Makin’ mutants

I am in lab making mutants.  Mutants?  Yes.  I am essentially taking DNA that encodes a specific protein plus some other stuff and changing the DNA to make the protein…different.

I decided quite intelligently to make 9 mutants in one day.  Not a world record, I am sure, but 9.  Mutagenesis (making mutants) takes a long time.  There are A LOT of hurry-up-and-wait steps.  You have to do something at an absolutely critical time point, then you have to wait an hour (or longer).

What was my rush?

There wasn’t any rush.  I literally sat down and planned it out this way so that I could do certain pairs of mutants together.  No, I do not have OCD and, yes, I do realize this may make me a candidate for OCD in someone’s mind.  HOLD YOUR TONGUE- don’t speak that on me (as old folk say).  Thank you.

Anyway.  I made myself chuckle as I was standing at my bench (where I do my lab work).  Up all day long with more work to get done.  Up and down all day.  Running errands in between steps.  Reading papers in between steps.  Blogging between steps.  But that is not phasing me.  Not one bit.  What is my problem with my choice to do 9 mutants in one day?

Brace yourself.

I have had to label 72 plates and tubes.  72.  SEVENTY-TWO.  Of all the evaluation of my decision to try to remember to NOT make 9 mutants in one day again, the selling point is the fact that I have had to label so much stuff today.  I am rolling my eyes at myself.  Hard.

THEN, I planned poorly in one more all important way.  I am late getting my steak burrito from the taco truck.  By late, I mean hours late.  Did I have a hurry-up-and-wait step that would have allowed me to go and come back?  YES!  Did I do that?  No.  Why, because I was labeling more stuff.



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