if i could sit

If i could sit on the tallest tree

what is that world that i would see

and would my heart know it

the way it knows the world that i think is around me

is reality the same

but how can it be when perspective is different

if i look down at myself from my perch will i find

that i am not the human being i thought myself to be

instead every ounce of character has been eroded

driven by naivete’

that may actually be defined better as ignorance

induced by indifference

would i want to climb down and live it out

or would i want so sprout wings and fly away

seeking an escape from it

would i want to save it all

or would i try to make my faith strong enough to believe it will work itself out

that world and this world, are they just reflections of me

my eyes as the looking glass tempered by desires, let downs, neuroses, and pet peeves

they reflect the internal division that is rarely articulated with enough truth to portray

the balance between war and peace

the turmoil over what’s right and wrong

the conflict between the genuine and the artificial “who” that i am and

the superficial things i want

between the profound lack of understanding of love and the utter need for it

self-deception versus hard inspection

between the mis-indications that lead to contradictions

or the intentions that instigate them

the choices over whether or not to see

which effects what i allow myself hear

which determines what i am responsible for saying

this world and that world

one world

the only difference is perception

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