"Sigh" moment (Good)

Freestyle Friday: The Unknown One

It’s been a really, really (really) long time world.  But in the last ten minutes I felt the urge to write and this is what came out.  A short exploration.

balloons rise to the sky
and birds fly high
like the space they’ve got
goes on forever

forever means no end
but where does it begin
for you and I

rivers run rough
rivers run smooth
still waters run deep
still souls do too

and still my soul
ain’t run into you

holding out hope
looking all about
running my eyes
over everything
as if looking will do

for you
I can’t go back
to where I’ve been
there can be no
“there again”

because “there”
that left me weathered
and worn
has also left my soul
to us

no more
birthday candle wishes
picking face-up pennies
pulling flower petals
falling for rest on laurels

faith won’t let me falter
and time won’t let me stop
and if life must go on
then love must be
then love you are

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