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He FINALLY put a ring on it!!!!!!

Wait?  When did she get a boyfriend?  Who is it?  Is it that guy?  How did THEY end up together?  Really?

I can hear it now, all of the questions and assumptions.  Just because of the title of this post.

So in my efforts to drag it out for fun.  I will tell you a bit about what I have been doing with the past few months of my life.  Professionally.

I am a PhD candidate in a biochemistry department with a biophysics concentration.  I am a forth year which really translates into finally having some idea of what I am doing and why (and knowing that for every time that I know “what and why”, that “what and why” can change).

Without going into total science language I will say that I have been building up “materials” that I have needed in order to get data for my thesis work.  This process has taken up an enormous amount of my 2011.  MANY long days.  MANY moments of distress.  And not a stitch of data.  (I know, how have I not pulled my hair out!!!!)  Because these “materials” are essential for my getting my type data.  For my scientist friends out there, I have been making and purifying a LARGE number of mutants.

Most people in my life know me to have been single for a few years now.  So how could I have possibly managed to get a ring?

Disclaimer:  I have a really weird sense of humor.

I have had only one man in my bed in the last few years.  I have slept with him countless times.  We have talked into the wee hours of the night.  I talk about him ALL THE TIME to different audiences.  I have travelled to hang out with him.  I even have a title that comes from his name.  He helps me to keep the lights on.

His name is Science.  WHAT?  I know this has to be a terrible let down.  BUT WHY WOULD I PUT MY PERSONAL BUSINESS OUT THERE LIKE THAT?

Back to my boo.

His name is Science.  We have had an interesting relationship.  I have known him since I was a child.  We have had periods of closeness throughout my life and I finally chose to “give it a go” a few years back.  Science is unpredictable, but he is always there.  Science is totally okay with my being a dork/geek/nerd.  He is also accepting of my love of fashion, music, and food.  I am myself when I am around Science.

Thahell?  How can Science propose?  I didn’t say he proposed.  I said he put a ring on it.

Remember all of those “materials” and no data?  Science has had me on the brink of depression.  And in my pursuit of Science, I could not give up.  So today, as I started to do one last prep before FINALLY rolling out the data, Science put a ring on it.  ??????

A nice new black, plastic radiation badge ring on it.  It even has my name on it.  It screams commitment and, yes, I accepted.  It’s cool that most people won’t understand or get the joke.  Some people may understand and get the joke and find it totally not funny.  I guess that’s the risk you have to take.

So far?  So worth it.

2 thoughts on “He FINALLY put a ring on it!!!!!!

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  2. MAZEL TOV!! may you and your science continue a long eternal everlasting relationship like the infinite plastic radiation badge that seals your love. swooooon.

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