"Sigh" moment (Bad) / "Sigh" moment (Good)

I am not fearless

It’s very rough around the edges. Very very rough around the edges. Rough. Edges.

All I would really like the time to say is that I am afraid.
I do not request an audience in order to ask anything of you.
I do not wish for an opportunity to become something.
This is not a conference for the case of exclusivity.
I did not ask for a moment of your time in hopes of that moment becoming forever.
Please don’t think I have a lead role that I need filled in my own personal fairytale.
I am simply wanting to say that I am not fearless.
I don’t have the gall to want to be made known.
I stand at a line in the sand watching all the possibilities play out, and, good or bad, I can only feel afraid.
I am paralyzed by what this is:
A remarkable possibility of which I am uncertain.
This uncertainty has gotten the best of me,
And I am not fearless.

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