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In the midst of the mundane

So the post before the last post kinda bummed some people out.  Which is cool.  That happens.  Even though, if you read between the lines, the composition has a touch of positivity.  It does have a lot of honesty.

SO I felt compelled to balance it out.  And I told one of my friends that I would balance it out.

Also, an exercise in exposure might be helpful.

Let’s see if you can relate.

Oh and lest I forget.  Time frame of future mentioned events is left out.  For purposes of purposefully maintaining vagueness.

With each word I’ll try to encourage myself, and hopefully you’ll notice and help me along the way.  (Which might be pointless since by the time you read this,  the post will already be written.)  It might sound a bit like I’m beating around the bush and I must confess, that is my ulterior motive.

Somewhere in the space between my heart and my mouth (or fingers) is this place.  I will name this place “my brain”.  I know what you are thinking.  My nomenclature is genius.

My brain is super active.  Analytical.  You know?  Analytical really is not the word.  It’s like the super human feat, the way I can analyze and pull apart and rearrange…all in “my brain.”  My son, experiments, bills, my family, my car, my friends…I have a lot of things to think about.  And to analyze.  Fits that I am a scientist, right?  Most of the time all of the time, my brain is at work.  Breaking down all kinds of things, ALL AT ONCE.  However, remarkably, I had this moment in the middle of the mundane when it seemed like my brain slowed down significantly.  And for a fraction second my heart (strong word…later post) and my brain were almost (I’d say less than 20% standard deviation) in the same place.  Which oddly enough made space for my fingers to communicate this now.  My mouth may have to catch up on the communication front.

Oh shit!  Here goes.

I went to the store, grabbed a few things and, as I waited for change, I thought of you.  As my 44 cents dropped down the change shoot in slow motion.  I thought about you.  So mundane a thing as a quarter, a dime, a nickel, and four pennies falling…just as change falls from the shoot at the self checkout of Harris Teeter all day everyday…made me think of you.

I know right?  DEEP!  In the 0.5 seconds that is takes change to roll out at the self checkout…brain slowed down.  Well, I did it.  Hopefully the few folks who will read this will applaud.  This post is progress.  Don’t be disappointed.  I make a big deal of little things.



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