"Sigh" moment (Good) / Family

baby brothers as inspiration

I have two younger brothers and I actually consider both of them to be my baby brothers.  They are about three times my size and I do think that I am overcompensating for that by calling them my baby brothers.  ANYWAY, they are both very talented when it comes to something I love, music.

So my baby brother (the actual baby) made this http://soundcloud.com/jordan-page/afterwards track and I was listening to it and kind of got a hook stuck in my head.  So BOOM BAM POW…here goes.

Afterwards (Jan 12, 2012)

“I hear this song over and over again and over again it’s done.  Well ran dry long time ago and this time I’m gone.  At the end of the day after-the-fact is too late to right this wrong.”

*drops mic and walks off stage*

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