Long flights are good for thinking

When I fly, looking out of the window makes me a lot more comfortable about being in a plane so high off the ground and about whatever it is that I am traveling to do.  I get really quiet and really introspective and things tend to come out of that.

“Looking down on shadows cast by clouds” – Jan 15, 2012

What we experience in life may come down to good old perspective.  I thought it was beautiful that I was hanging around in the clouds and looking down on Earth on what would seem like a cloudy day had I been on Earth looking up at the clouds.  From where I was the sun was shining brightly.  From where I could have been, I could have said that the sun didn’t come out that day.  From where I was, I thought of the wonder of the Creator and His creation.  From where I could have been, I could have called it a bad day and said “God, why me?”

I don’t want to get all syrupy.  I just remember thinking that the shadows looked really small compared to what I would have thought of them while standing on the ground.  I remember thinking that, somehow, the shadows made the Earth a different kind of beautiful.  I thought of all the crazy or awful things that I went through in my life and how the shadows they cast can be small depending on my perspective of them.  And I thought that they could make me beautiful in a different kind of way.

My interpretation of that thought may change.  But that’s might just be the point.

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