(written in my early 20s)

Some of the sentiments are immature, but it’s like that sometimes.

To have a song in your heart
resounding only as a deep whisper
is an agony divine
melodies swarm silence and swallow me whole
wreaking havoc on my state
my brain wanders battered through days
sweet melodies taking my breath away
let me die in your wake
breathless life is hard to surive
yet i strive for the sake of this song
for the sake of my beating heart
yearning to be heard
it’s strings hanging in anticipation
of a caress
of a touch igniting embers
setting fire to my soul
beautiful deep whisper, begging for me to hope
hoping for me to open my box of music
for who would hear if i don’t
not desiring fame or recognition
simply requesting an audience
to entrance, to envelope
to swallow as it swallows me
so that it may be a song for two.
the voice waking me at night
filling the blank darkness with noonlight and daydreams
filling my mind with thoughts of faraway escapes
journeys in peace and ease
winds blowing soothing tranquility through my heart
a hand to hold, connected to a heart that dreamed of me
what more could my life mean
if the melodies could resign fulfilled
leaving me complete
and a new heart singing of hearts combined
true, my life holds so much more
but the song wants just one thing
a true, real, honest, and more than thriving love
a love to relieve the moon
and stand in its place to light the night sky
and summer nights would set ablaze the soul
guiding lives together to be intertwined
and a winter night would never be so cold
but with a touch set fires
and all i can do is wait for this sweet agony to end
and i could yield, abandoning precaution
to what my heart has longed for patiently
yet pleading for in the deep whisper of song
melodies stretching my life on bars as notes
in keys.

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