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the sensations of a sunday afternoon

to take the time to sit and stare at the sky

to watch the clouds moving

to feel the sensation of the wind blowing past you

to know the warmth of the sun as it comes out from hiding

to hear the sounds of life as children flying and birds playing

to see an old couple just sitting, enjoying each others’ company

to smell the freshness of spring

to note the shadows changing as the hours roll by

to forget that yesterday and tomorrow and maybe even a little later

that something will be required of you

that someone will call your name

that you may feel overextended and underconfident

that there are things to be done that will most likely mean sleep deprivation

but to still know that just as the sun comes out from its hiding

so do we come out from behind the selves that hide who we truly are

so do we reach the place of safety to finally reveal our hearts

so do we find in ourselves That which makes each day possible

so do we find the fight to face each of life’s tasks and call them done

so do we reach that state of mind that transcends the feeling of being grounded

and like those children,

we fly

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