"Sigh" moment (Bad)

2 min 45 sec rant. this world

this place, this world

of 7 billion people

it feels so empty

it seems to wander aimlessly

lacking passion

but having so much misplaced resolve

it’s painful to watch it

knowing i live in it

knowing i brought into life a being that i know is too good for it

but who has to survive in it

i hate this place sometimes

because the beauty of it means nothing to those who it was made for

i said one day that i would make it a better place

that i would change it

and how can i?

when my voice is drowned out by tactless seething tongues

that are haphazardly speaking the brains of heartless human beings

i am tired of this place, this world

how can the world i live in be so detached from the Earth on which i reside?

how can the world i live in be so estranged from the life that makes it a revolve in the first place?

7 billion beating hearts and this world has no heart at all

this place which forces me to raise my son to be confident while watching his back

this world that would like to force me to raise my son to stay in his lane and follow the leader,

but that instead forces me to raise my son to think for himself and to transcend the

desperate clawings of a world that would rather stand upon his head than lift him up

it’s painful, this place

where life moves so fast but grows so slow

where love is a fairy tale and peace is a figment of the imagination

where to be mediocre is remarkable and to be remarkable is to go unnoticed

this world




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