written Jan 7, 2011

going through some old poems

Short.You are peace to me

 Note:  written during an amazing journey through music

You are peace to me
In the ebb and flows of life
I can breathe you
Breathe peace
I stand at new beginnings
And fight my way through to the end
And in the heat of battle I am still whole and complete
I survive
I thrive
I strive
I breathe
I press
I push
I talk to God
And I pull on Him
And I keep Him close to me
And I thank Him
Thank Him
Praise Him
For His peace
A peace that you are a part of
A peace that you bring
A peace that is a well of replenishing water
And a resting place for my weary feet
A peace connected to the love and hope and trust
That trials would have me forget.

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