the truth is in the ad lib


maybe i’m just rambling.  maybe this is what staring at numbers for two days does to me.  maybe somewhere in my focus my subconscious crept in and said “stop denying me”.


don’t force it

it’ll come when it comes

the build up might not be the thing that you want

when we face the words

the words fall short

because for some words are just for sport

but look a little deeper, read in between the lines

what you might not want to hear might just be what you find

like the love you’ve been running from

or the hurt that made you feel destroyed

or the feeling that the world we exist in makes your existence void

it’s funny what you find in the empty

in the breaks and in the pauses

in the words whispered to fill holes in the clauses

the space fillers make for great places to hide our truths

when we want to frame our lives in our egos and over exaggerations

you see, the truth is in the ad lib

in the moans at the end

in the apologies that get haphazardly thrown in

in the fire the comes out when we call on His name

in the way in articulate the need for rain

for coolness

for something to sooth a desire

or something to quench the burning after coming out of our own hell

the truth is in the ad lib




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