The Return of What I’d Buried

I don’t have much time to dedicate to it, but I knew it was important.  I have a habit of keeping things I don’t use.  They tend to take up too much space.  I decided about a month ago to purge.  I can only take small steps.  From clothing to papers, it’s a lot and I don’t have the time to go through it all at once.  I can proudly say that I have stayed committed it.  I was surprised at the effect it has had. 

I knew somewhere in there was life unresolved

Just tucked away

In it’s totality moments of despair and joy

Somehow became intertwined and simply tucked away

I found love I had long ago lost

I found dreams that I had long ago given up on

I saw storms and trials I thought would never end

I saw fears in places that could come up again

In corners of closets and bottoms of drawers

In zipped up purse pockets and old backpacks

I returned to past lives I had buried

Or maybe they had returned to me

Saying loudly, “I am unresolved”

Waiting to be put in the correct place

Waiting to be labeled ‘lesson’ rather than ‘misery’

Or waiting to be separated from some painful memory

And to finally be labeled ‘strength’


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