Short: What if you were that someone?

Some people know pain all their lives

Live out that pain day by day

Until, when it comes to living life,

They think that there’s no other way

The idea is to make it through

No thought to overcome

All they must do is endure

Mark off the days one by one

What if this were all of life you knew

What if this were your lot

Would you want me to help you through

Back you up with all I’ve got

And if I looked away

Pretended you weren’t there

Like your pain is not my problem

As if your needs aren’t my care

Would I be wrong to not even look your way

To not lend a helping hand

Could I at least make some room

Give you some space to stand

As simple as seems

For someone this is all they know

Just make it through

No idea that there is such thing as to overcomeWhat if you were that someone

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