Mommyhood / PhD me

First post of 2013: Blogging with a vengeance…

Or not.


It is 2013.  It is January 2013.  WOW!

I didn’t come into this year with a clean bedroom, but I did come into this year with some new habits and some new outlooks.  I can’t give credit to the new year.  The ball got rolling on some of this a long time ago.  I guess you can say that coming through the new year I noticed certain things had changed.  I also noticed some things needing more work.

Disclaimer:  I am not making a list of resolutions.  Ahem.  I am simply acknowledging areas of my life that may benefit from my shifting energies and effort toward them.

  1. Meditation.  I started to work on meditation a couple years ago.  I am not committed to meditation.  Meditation has been sort of a side piece in the grand workings of my mind.  When I get worried or anxious enough to want to bury myself in my bed until the offending situation clears, THEN I try to meditate.  I doubt it’s supposed to work like that.  BUT I am a believer in the fact that it’s beneficial.
  2. Writing.  I don’t mean science writing.  I mean creative writing.  I mean writing about science as someone who loves it not as a graduate student who needs to build a publication record or present a poster or (OH YEAH!!!) graduate.  I mean writing about cool hair products, politics, purple lip sticks, music, heart ache, sunshine, et cetera, et cetera.  I want to write about amazing black women showing out in science.  And let me not forget to continue sharing my adventures in Mommyhood.  (note to self:  ramble much?).
  3. Gratitude Examen.  I learned about this a couple years ago.  I think I wrote a post about it.  Basically, another side piece type deal.  The object is to set aside time to reflect on what you’re thankful for.  This is particularly important for me because the exercise itself helped me see where I can do more to show that I’m thankful for certain things.  (Which reminds me, this bedroom that I’m thankful for looks horrendous.)
  4. Reading.  One book a month.  Right now, it takes me about two months to write a book.  It’s a shame what graduate school has done to me.  I NEED to lay my eyes and my brain on something other than journal articles.  I’m starting to hate them.  Am I allowed to hate them?  Don’t answer that.  Either way, I have a book shelf plus like three boxes full of books.  I even have books on the way.  Sigh.
  5. Coding.  I am getting back to coding.  It’s fun.  It’s awesome.  I am learning a language from scratch and I’m really excited.

At some point I may switch up.  (I found two empty canvases tucked away in a closet.  I have tons of stuff that needs to get purged.  I wanna go to a tropical locale and sleep and listen to the waves.  I want to visit MoMa and FIT in NYC.  Feel me?) But, these are the top five non-mommy-non-grad-school-non-career objectives, not in any particular order.  I am sure that at some point I will let you know how things are going.


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