Honesty and openness about a tough topic. So incredible and so true.

Jessica Luther

Just focus.

Just focus focus focus. Just focus.

Just focus on what you need to. Focus. Come on. Focus.

Please focus. Focus. FOCUS! Just focus.

Just focus focus focus. Please please please.

And so it goes round and round, the thoughts in my head.

Even now, I just looked off to the side and blanked and then thought about something else entirely, even though I’ve been trying to compose this post for a while.

[just focus]

I’ve written before about my struggles with what I had self-diagnosed as depression.

This post is from back in November 2010, when my blog was anonymous:

I feel like I am constantly drowning and there are brief moments where my head breaks the water and I catch a breath. But almost instantly I am back under, flailing, trying to do whatever it takes to make it to the surface again. The…

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