In less than half an hour, it will be this person’s birthday. It’s funny that what I wrote about in this post is exactly what is happening right now! …just think of some loud snoring as you read it. Love.

My Purple Glasses

Dare I say it…I have a spoiled child.  Particularly when it comes to bed time.  He falls asleep in my bed.  There was a time when he would fall asleep in his own bed and stay there through the night.  That time has been gone for a while.  Some nights I will move him to his bed.  Not tonight.  Not yet.

Anyway, I am reading and working myself up to writing with this seemingly small body beside me on my fairly large bed.  I keep shuffling and moving around.   I feel tight and tense; limited in motion in a way.  Then I realize what I realize every nigh that this picture of beauty and life falls asleep in my bed.  I have been relegated to about a two foot strip in my bed.  The bad part is that, as he flips, twists, and rotates, I am honoring this portion that…

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