Another year has passed and the sentiments are still the same. So proud of my Boogie Monster.

My Purple Glasses


In less than 24 hours, my son will be five years old.  Amazing, right?  Five is a big year and five came really, really fast.  The days of walking around with someone in my belly are so far away that they should be a faint memory, but I can recall so clearly that last day that he was taking up shop inside of my tummy.  I walked with this cross between a wobble and a roll.  I defied the laws of physics.  My back was arched back so far that I thought I would topple backward.  It would take minutes for me to stand up from sitting.  There was the roll, rock, push motion that I used to do.  I ached all over.  I felt inhuman.  I wanted him out of there!

We had spent all of this time together, but I didn’t know what he looked like or what…

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