My growing relationship with Sci-Fi novels

So in the past three months since my last blog post, I have been SUPER busy.  Hence, my going three months without blogging.

I’ve found myself involved with a great group of folk called “blerds”.  Black nerds.  Yes, we exist.  It’s been pretty amazing for me.  Not because I want to separate myself from the rest of the world.  Or because I need some exclusive club to belong to.  That’s not what being  a blerd is about.  It’s about the fact that often times the combination of our race and our interests have left us on the outside looking in.  So we’ve come together to enjoy the places where we share a common ground and to share the other aspects of ourselves that we bring to the table.

One thing that is new to me is that Sci-Fi novel.  What?  Yes.  I know that I am a biochemist.  I know that I enjoy learning about astrophysics and theoretical physics in my spare time.  But also keep in mind that I am pretty freaking eclectic.  I love fashion and romantic comedies and painting and writing poetry.

Though I read Sci-Fi in grade school, I can’t say that I bonded with the genre of reading.  I vaguely remember Madeleine L’Engle’s A Wrinkle In Time.  And being the outcast that I was, Paul Zindel’s The Pigman was the type of novel that resounded with me.  As a matter of fact, The Pigman resounded with my mother around the same age that I was introduced to it.  She was one of the first honor students in her school district as the schools were slowly (SLOWLY) desegregating.

NOW Sci-Fi TV and movies???  Different story.  My older brother and leader of our clan of four children often wielded control of the remote.  Because of him I grew to love Quantum Leap and X-Files.  Transformers and Robotech are some of the most memorable cartoons of my childhood.  Marvel comics, particularly, the X-Men provided my siblings and myself with a means of escape throughout our formative years.

I definitely have a relationship with science fiction.  So much so that, when the Blerd Book Club started, I wasn’t intimidated by the first reading selection, Orleans by Sherri L. Smith.  I will admit, though, that I was in for a pleasant surprise.  (Which I won’t discuss in detail since the book won’t be discussed until July 7th with the author present!!!).  I quickly fell in love with science fiction novels.  I am a book hoarder and actually have tons of books and ebooks at my reach.  A few of them are science fiction including a collection of Octavia Butler books.  I am currently entangled by Wild Seed.

“Next new experience?”, you ask.  Cosplay, maybe?

If you wanna learn more about blerds of different feathers, check out Blerdology, BlerdNation, and BlackGirlNerds.  If you’re on twitter follow #blerdchat on Thursdays at 7pm.

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